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Monday, January 10, 2011

When the Weather Gets Rough, Put on Your Puff!

The weather has been a little nasty across the country these past few weeks and it's about to travel North to my home. Those of you in California have seen a tremendous amount of rain this Fall, whereas those in the East were trapped in what seemed like never ending snow.

As we continue to brave mother nature's gifts, let me interest you in some functional fashion.

The puff coat is this winter's "IT" jacket. To keep you dry, warm, and pneumonia free, every person should own at least one. Believe it or not, I own a Juicy Couture puffer that I love. Yes! You heard right, JUICY COUTURE!! Beauty can be found amongst the atrocious, I assure you. But the most coveted, highly unattainable puff coat is from Moncler. They are the Hermes Birkins of the puff coat world. No one can match their quality, which is the reason why they come with a heavy price tag.

They currently have two retail locations in the U.S. market. One in New York, in which I have visited, and the other in Chicago. They are looking to expand to the West Coast and are looking at brick and morter stores in Seattle and San Francisco. If you can't wait that long or travel that far, has the most extensive collection for Men, Women, and Kids that I have seen.

They are a hot commodity, so get one before it's sold out in your size. Beware of imitation. Buy directly from a luxury retailer. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is!


  1. why did u pick all the ugly color monclers?

  2. i like these colors! and plus everyone knows it comes in black and grey.