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Friday, February 11, 2011

Need A Lift?

Let me show you how to wedge it up!

I left Paris this past weekend feeling more inspired than ever about how fashion can be a beautiful form of art, and how I can see myself as a painter with my own canvas. Daily, my job is to create, define, and inspire people to look their best. Solely because when people look their best, they exude an air of confidence that can positively effect their performance. At least that is my ideology.

This Spring a few trends stand out above the rest: coral (shades of pale orange to bright pinks), bohemian dressing (maxi dresses, wide leg/bell bottom pants, peasant blouses), floral prints, and long necklaces.

Wedges and Espadrilles are the best compliments to these great trends. They make everyone taller and leaner, they're more comfortable than most shoe styles, and they come in a variety of heights, designs, and colors. Designers this season have done a great job at giving consumers a wide array of choices to choose from. They are a must for this season to complete your outfit to look fresh and on trend. Plus they come in every price point!

These featured wedges are some of my favorites. You can be sure that I will be adding one of these styles to my wardrobe early this season. I am so ready for Spring and sunshine!
Lanvin- Neiman Marcus: $1280
Lanvin- Neiman Marcus: $1240

Edmundo Castillo: Saks Fifth Avenue: $495

Valentino- Neiman Marcus: $1095

Yves St. Laurent- Barneys: $695 Miu Miu- Barneys: $560
Fendi- Saks Fifth Avenue: $670
Alexander Wang: Saks Fifth Avenue: $550

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