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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pumps For the Everyday Working Girl

Every working girl( and I don't mean hookers) deserves to buy a beautiful pair of designer pumps to complete her outfit. It drives me crazy to witness well-dressed business women sporting terrible shoes. Don't they know that it ruins their whole outfit? Someone once told me that you can tell a lot about people by their shoes, and I really do believe that. If you took the time and effort to put together a great outfit, why didn't you do it from head to toe?!

What's even worse is when I hear women walk down the street in shoes that make terrible clonking sounds with every step because the bottom of their shoes are so worn out that the metal is sticking out, or they are so uncomfortable that they are stomping instead of walking gracefully.

My go to work shoes have always been Chanel pumps. They NEVER go out of style, they are truly comfortable, and brings a taste of sophistication to any outfit. When seeking the right pair of pumps for yourself, you must consider: your budget, heel height of comfort, classic or fashion, and color. If you are starting out and this is your first designer pump purchase, I would stick with a classic round toe silhouette in a black or brown leather. But if you are not a novice, you can definitely afford to be a little more playful like the studded patent Valentino pump above which happens to be a personal favorite of mine.

In any case, no woman should go without a pair of well made Italian shoes fit to last for years. Time and time again, we tend to buy frivolous things that only add up in quantity not quality, and a good pair of work pumps are an essential investment worth making.

From left to right:
Chanel tweed pumps: from my own closet from last Fall season.
Valentino studded patent pumps: $895 @
Christian Louboutin nude peep toe pumps: $895 @
Chanel cork and patent pump: price unknown from

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