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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beaune and Pommard- Wine country.

Today we visited Beaune and Pommard which is about 40 minutes from Dijon. Although the towns dates back to around the Middle Ages like Dijon, it is much more compact. Both towns are world famous for their vineyards and wine, some of the best in the world come from this region. We were able to visit Ba's cousin's winery (Domaine Lahaye) to check out the wine cellars and taste some wonderful wines. I have never been to such a winery before, it was built in the 15th century and has been added on since then and is still expanding.

Before we went to the winery we visited Ba and Eric's grandparent's home and had a gallette that Ba made with them. She is so talented, just like Thip. They make wonderful desserts! We also finally had our first crepes in France in Beaune. The menu was all in French, so Meesh and I just pointed to one that we thought might be what we thought it was. Mine turned out to be nothing like I had thought. It was a crepe filled with raspberry sorbet, meringue, and berry sauce. Meesh had a chocolate and whip cream crepe. Both were so yummy we ate it all, even though it was before lunch time. I also finally had coq a vin, but was not impressed by the way the restaurant made it. I will have to try it again in Paris if we have time.

I enjoyed checking out the Hostel Dieu (which I thought was Dien..haha.) It served as a hospice for the poor and needy. Nicolas Rolin, chancellor to the Duke of Burgundy, and his wife founded the hospice in 1443 and most of the original conditions are kept as is. The well in the front of the building provided water for the whole hospital. Meesh and I both threw a coin in to make a wish. Inside they made their own medication and the same jars are still kept in the cabinets. The medical tools used were also there as well as the 50 beds for the patients has never been expanded. It was such an interesting experience to see a charitable hospice of the Middle Ages. The most beautiful 17th century painting by artist Rogier van der Weyden called "The Last Judgement" depicts heaven and hell and the disciples praying to Jesus to forgive them. It used to hang on top of the altar where the sick was cared for, and they were only allowed to visit the painting once a week to pray and seek guidance. The remains of Guigone de Salins, Rolin's wife, is buried under the altar.

It was another truly amazing historical day. Tomorrow we head back to Paris for more exploring, eating, and adventures. Until then...

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