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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bringing back denim trousers

Did you know that denim was first created and sold by Levi Strauss to miners in the 1850's? Back then you could get a pair of denim for $1.50. Nowadays, there isn't much you can get for a $1.50 anymore, let alone a good pair of jeans.

I purchased my first pair of designer jeans from Nordstrom in 2001. They were the original Seven For All Mankind NYD bootcut. Back then, SEVEN was the only premium denim line available, and it was definitely considered a commodity to be wearing "designer" denim. In the last ten years since my first pair of SEVENs, I must have gone through at least 100 pairs of jeans. For a good part of my college life, I spent most of my money on the newly coveted denim. Maria D. (my roomate at the time) and I would scour department stores and small boutiques alike in the Sacramento area for the newest denim craze. I remember some of my friends from college would look at me funny when I was sporting my distressed jeans, because to them it looked like an old used pair of jeans.

Fast forward to this coming Spring season, denim trousers will be everywhere! Skinny leg jeans will now be a staple, and wide leg jeans will be the novelty style. There are so many choices now: leggings, jeggings, cargos, ponte it's no wonder that trousers are making a major comeback. A good pair of denim is supposed to hug you in all the right places, accentuate your curves, hide your not so lovely flaws, and make you look taller. This sounds like a miracle maker, but yes, that's what a good pair of jeans is supposed to do. That's why it comes with a price tag of upwards of $300.

For the Spring Hudson jeans has won me over with their denim trousers. They truly fit me like a glove. Go out there and find your denim trouser today! Here are some of my favorite fitting trousers out there:

From top left to right:
Hudson "Ferris" $165 @
Hudson " Woodstock" $179 @
Seven "Ginger" $155 @
JBrand "Lovestory" $179

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